May 24th, 2022

Same old Liberal entitlement: Del Duca’s $50,000 in allowance charges

It’s the same old Liberal entitlement. As MPP, Steven Del Duca used donor cash from his riding association like a personal ATM, with more than $50,000 of charges in high-end restaurants and spas, including internationally.
The public filings posted by Global News show Del Duca charged for a Michigan “Grand Traverse Spa and Resort” in 2017. Del Duca went to Traverse, Michigan that July.
In 2018, Del Duca charged for Bob's Steak & Chop, a US-only high-end steakhouse. Del Duca traveled with Kathleen Wynne to Washington, DC and New York for meetings.
NDP’s Catherine Fife: “This is the same old Liberals. Nothing has changed from their gas plant scandal or their cash-for-access fundraising. This is what Liberals do when they have the chance. They put themselves first just like the Conservatives who used their riding associations as personal ATMs.”

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