November 21st, 2022

NDP will push to repeal Ford’s senior-bullying bill as advocates launch constitutional challenge

QUEEN’S PARK - France Gélinas, NDP Health critic, and Wayne Gates, NDP critic for Long-Term Care, released the following statement on news the Ontario Health Coalition is launching a constitutional challenge to Doug Ford’s bill that bullies seniors into long-term care homes they didn’t choose:

“Alternate level of care patients in hospitals across Ontario are now facing the real threat of $400-a-day fines if they oppose being moved to a long-term care home against their will, thanks to Doug Ford. Ford’s Bill 7 legislation leaves anyone unable to pay these exorbitant fines vulnerable to being forced out of their communities, and facing separation from their families and spouses. Families’ devastating separation will do nothing to alleviate the staffing crisis in our hospitals — it will only cause senseless pain and suffering.

The NDP is committed to getting rid of Ford’s destructive legislation, and supports every effort to protect elderly and vulnerable people from it. We welcome the Ontario Health Coalition’s advocacy to make sure that no one is coerced into a long-term care home without their consent.

Ford can and should end this right now by immediately repealing Bill 7, before more people are torn away from their loved ones. Instead of bullying frail elderly people, Doug Ford should address the hospital crisis that he has allowed to get worse. We need to repeal wage-capping Bill 124 and ensure hospitals are fully staffed and fully funded.”