May 25th, 2022

Lisa MacLeod and Jeremy Roberts must explain appointment of convoy supporter to Ottawa Police Services Board

Conservatives need to explain why a new report says Robert Swaita, a convoy supporter, “had the backing of” PC incumbents Lisa MacLeod and Jeremy Roberts, for his Ottawa Police Services Board appointment.

Swaita attended the convoy occupation and, when caught, said he “did nothing wrong.” He resigned immediately after.

Ottawans knew it was wrong - but not Conservative Jeremy Roberts, who has dodged questions about his role.

Mr. Swaita has donated thousands to Roberts.

Lisa MacLeod, who QP Briefing reports “approved of the recommendation,” of Mr. Swaita, called Swaita her “good friend.”

Chandra Pasma, NDP candidate for Ottawa West-Nepean: “The convoy hurt Ottawa. It was even more hurtful when residents learned a PC-connected civilian member of the Ottawa Police Services Board, Robert Swaita, supported the convoy. These Conservatives need to own up to what their roles were to get their donor, Mr. Swaita, onto the board.”

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